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With the passage of time and introduction of smartphones—a majority of the people have increased the usage of their cell phones, and they tend to use it for interest accessing and browsing services.

Our team at Full Stack Solutions deems that a website should not only be limited to a desktop-only version but, it should be upgraded to meet the targeted audience who prefer to use their mobile phones to surf the internet.

The use and implementation of a mobile-friendly website cater to the following two imperative functions:


Mobile-friendly websites are synonymous with user-friendly websites, and their functionality is enhanced by limiting them to a user-friendly format only. It excludes the additional content which could be viewed on a desktop website, and it only facilitates the content that optimizes your website to run smoothly on all screen resolutions.

User Experience

User experience is an integrated function of any website, and we design mobile-friendly websites that highly prioritizes user experience in its composition. If you aim to deliver a pleasant user-experience to your targeted audience—then, you are required to optimize your website that supports different screen resolutions at a time.

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Responsive Design

Our team of website designers and developers optimize CSS and HTML queries of your website to cater to all screen sizes. A responsive website design supports the layout of your website to make it optimal for navigating on portable devices such as mobile phone and tablets.

Reasons to go responsive:
  • A significant number of people use various devices to use the internet—and the responsiveness of your website will direct them to your website.
  • If your website is not responsive—you can lose 60% of your visitors to your competitor’s website.
"Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device."

Google recommends responsive web design because

  • Single URL for the content leads to a better user experience
  • No redirection required for a device optimized view
  • Improvement in crawling efficiency by Google bots

Optimize your website for all screen sizes. Go Responsive

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Why is it important for you to GO MOBILE?

Mobile Website

A mobile website facilitates the usability of mobile devices without any restrictions. While a majority of the websites is considered mobile-friendly which could be run on any smartphone—mobile websites are specifically designed to approach the mobile-visitors only. A mobile website is designed to handle navigation, load time, and imagery content on the website to create a pleasant experience for mobile users.

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